Podcast Examples

Podcasts Worth a Listen

D28 Examples:
TV Studio 24 NBJH video podcasts of the Daily News and Blue Review

For Teachers: (professional development)
Bit by Bit by Bob Sprankle (middle of the page)
Bud the Teacher by Bud Hunt
Moving at the Speed of Creativity by Wes Fryer
Seedlings@Bit by Bit by Bob Sprankle and others

For Kids:
The Bobby Bucket Show by Bob Sprankle Podcast about reading. He has his daughter (Lil Bucket) participate from time to time. They interject some literacy strategies too. This would be great to share with a whole class or as a listening center. Good production value. Grade level depends upon the books being discussed.
Mathgrad.com Podcasts of advanced math concepts. These could used in class or assigned as extra credit or enrichment.
Storynory This site has 100+ stories that are free to download. Share them with your class as part of a literacy lesson or use as a listening center.
StudyCasts These podcasts are created by a 5th grade teacher for his students to help them study for their science and social studies tests.
Weird Science Facts A one minute weekly podcast by a science teacher.

Podcasts by Kids:
100% Kids done by 2nd graders. It's kind of like an audio newsletter.
ColeyCasts Created by 5th graders about what they are learning in school.
First Grade Online Created by 1st graders in MInnesota
Mr. Jaffe's 6th grade A monthly podcast planned and recorded by students at Mill Creek Elementary School in Pennsylvania.
Radio WillowWeb These are podcasts created at Willowdale Elementary in Omaha, NE. Each show is created by a different class, yet they all follow a similar format. A great example of student created podcasts.
Room 208 by Bob Sprankle's class (scroll to bottom of the page) These are a few years old, but they are good examples of class podcasts and good for ideas for your own class podcast.

Curricular Connections:
The iTunes Store (open iTunes and find 'iTunes Store' in the left hand menu) has many educational podcast from The Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and How Stuff Works.