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13 Reasons to use an interactive whiteboard in the classroom
Interactive Whiteboard Resources Links to sites and activities that work well with interactive whiteboards. Click on the subject and age level and it's ready to go.
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Promethean ActivBoard Resources

Online Training for Promethean Software:

The first level of training, The Level 1 - Foundations Course, is FREE TO ALL staff. It is VERY basic and it moves slowly, but gives good information. They have training for the ActivStudio 3 Software and the ActivPrimary 3 software. The training takes about 3-5 hours to complete, but can be completed in smaller increments. It will save your progress. This training will be most meaningful if you have the Promethean software installed on your laptop, first! See Judi to have the software installed on your computer.

Teachers will need to create an account on the Promethean Planet website first and create a login. If you login at the Promethean Planet website and then go to the training site, you will still be logged in. There is a way to access the training site from Promethean Planet, but it is really cumbersome. You are encouraged to use the direct link: .
FYI: In my experience the Promethean websites can take a while to load, regardless if on wireless or ethernet.

Promethean Planet:

This site has pre-made flipcharts, tips, tutorials, and other resources. You need to establish a membership (free) for login purposes to access all this site has to offer.

Promethean ActivClassroom

This wiki lists resources for Promethean like tutorials, and suggests sites that are interactive for students and therefore a great companion to the Promethean ActivBoard.

Promethean Resources

Here is a site put together by a school district in Tennessee. There are links to tips and information about the ActivBoard and software.

YouTube videos from PrometheanUSWeb channel

There are dozens of Promethean videos on YouTube. Some are examples of lessons, others are videos of teachers talking about how they use the boards with their students.

Atomic Learning

Atomic Learning has some great tutorials on how to use the ActivPrimary3 and the ActivStudio3 software. Just do a search for the desired software title. Username and password required.