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Aver+ Introduction to the Software Interface
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Aver+ How to Customize Your Options

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Aver+ ~ How to Capture Images from Your Doc Cam

Aver+ Continuous Capture

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Aver+ Using Your Doc Camera with an Interactive White Board

What can I use the AVer+ software for?
  1. Use the annotation tools for collaborative discussion to overlay text, lines and shapes.
  2. Record actual presentation in video format or capture presentation screen in image format.
  3. Extend page area to the right or downward for unlimited writing space.
  4. Measure the length, width, height and angle with the straight ruler, triangle and protractor tools.
  5. Add, subtract, multiply and divide with the calculator tool.
  6. Show live movement projected.
  7. Use spotlight and screen visor features to increase the excitement and curiosity of your audience.
  8. Flip, mirror, rotate, select outline and fill color, and set the transparency of the object.
  9. Copy, cut, paste, lock, group, ungroup and infinitely clone the object.
  10. Insert picture, video, link, sound, and image from a scanner.
  11. Use the virtual transparency mode to annotate on top of the other applications (e.g. MS Office, Internet Browser and others) and also capture the screen to insert it in AVer+ and use it as background.
  12. Use the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to convert text/handwritten text in an image into typewritten text.
  13. And many more …

How do I capture an image in Jpeg format?
  1. Click on "Aver+ Capture" in your Main Toolbar (bottom) to select different variety of ways to capture.
  2. Click on "Aver+ Capture" in your Options Panel (left) to select just image capture only.
  3. Click on FILE > EXPORT to use the export tool to export the image to a location on your computer.

How do I record a video as a .MOV (Mac)?
  1. For advanced recording click on "Aver+ Record" in your Main Toolbar (bottom) to select between screen and page recording.
  2. For basic recording (Just the Video only) Click on "Aver+ Record" in your Options Panel (left)

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